Excellence Through Training

Training is one of the most important aspects of being a police officer. Training provides officers with the knowledge of how to do their job to the best benefit of all parties involved. Well-trained officers provide a better service to their communities. Training reduces injuries not only to officers but also to suspects as well helping to reduce lawsuits and workers compensation claims.

The Tennessee Police Officer Standards and Training Commission (P.O.S.T. Commission) is responsible for establishing training guidelines throughout the state. Each officer is required to attend the basic academy of over four hundred (400) hours. While P.O.S.T. mandates that every officer must receive forty- (40) hours of in-service training annually, the Loudon Police Department exceeds the standard and requires officers to receive eighty- (80) hours of training annually.

Types of training that officers receive vary. Some officers may specialize in individual fields. These include such field as investigations, domestic violence, canine operations, school resource officers, drug interdiction and many others too numerous to name. Many of the departmentís officers are certified as instructors in different fields. This allows for the department to bring good training to the entire department at a lower cost to the city. Many of our instructors teach for other departments in the community, helping them as well.

The P.O.S.T. Commission recognizes several schools that provide basic police training. Police basic is approximately four hundred- (400) hours in length or eleven weeks. It provides officers with a basic knowledge they need to begin their careers. Once an officer is settled into a department they receive additional training through a Field Training Program (FTO.) The FTO program is approximately one hundred and twenty- (120) hours in length and covers more department specific topics and builds on the instruction that the officer has already received.

Listed below are just a few of the areas in which officers of the Loudon Police Department are trained.
Emergency Vehicle Operations
Child Abuse
Domestic Violence
Chemical Weapons
Electronic Control Devices (Tasers)
Criminal Law
Traffic Radar Operation
Traffic Stops
Motor Vehicle Laws
Traffic Accident Investigation

It is the goal of the Loudon Police Department to provide our officers with the highest quality training designed to meet the needs of the citizens of Loudon.