Officer Jonathan Yates

Officer Jon Yates is a true hometown hero because he chose to put his own life in danger to carry a 10 year old girl to safety from a burning house in 2005. Officer Yates is so dedicated to his community; he was not even on duty. The fire was in close proximity to his home and he responded off duty.

Officer Yates began as volunteer reserve officer and was promoted to a full-time position in 2001. In 2006 he became the City of Loudon Police Department’s first K-9 handler when he was partnered with canine officer “Bear”, a 2 year old log-haired black German Shepard. Jon Yates and “Bear” are trained to carry out many law enforcement duties including tracking, apprehension, searches and most notably narcotics detection. This K-9 team enables the police department to perform immediate searches of vehicles, buildings, and schools.